Prophet Idris (Alaihis Salam)

As a result of the efforts of the Prophet Sheth (pbuh) some people began to believe in The Almighty. As the time passed by, they shifted their attention towards the worshiping the statue of their prophet. They became polytheists, religious- and faithless. They adopted indecent ways of life. Under such circumstances, The Almighty sent the Prophet Idris (pbuh) for the reformation and guidance of those who had gone astray. The Holy Qur’an mentions him in the following verse: “Commemorate Idris in the Book, verily he was a man of truth and a Prophet and We raised him to a lofty station.” (Qur’an 19:56)

Preaching and Opposition

The Prophet Idris (pbuh) preached monotheism. He directed his people to abandon idol-worship. He emphasized them not to be captivated by the love for wealth and property. He advised them to abstain from drinking wine and other intoxicants. Only a few men paid heed to his teachings but the majority of the people opposed him bitterly. Prophet Idris (pbuh) did not lose heart and continued preaching with unshakable constancy. He is appreciated for his firm faith and forbearance in the following verses of the Holy Qur’an:“All (Isma’il, Zhul-Kill and Idris) were men of constancy and patience. We admitted them into Our Mercy, for they were of the righteous ones.” (Qur’an 21:85-86)

Migration to Egypt

Inspire of the untiring efforts the Prophet Idris (pbuh) could not attain considerable success and felt disgusted with the indifferent attitude of the public. He was directed to migrate to Egypt and settle on the banks of the river Nile. He preached the religion of The Almighty among the various tribes and admonished them to be good and civilized. Consequently, he brought a remarkable change in the moral and social life of the people.

Some sayings of the Prophet Idris (pbuh):

  1. Do not feel jealous of the prosperity of others.
  2. He who has unlimited desires is deprived of the wealth of contentment.
  3. One should be sincere in the acts of devotion.
  4. It is an act of grave sin to take false oaths.
  5. Patience is a key to victory.
  6. He who controls his passions is fortunate. Only a good act will be a living intercessor before The Almighty on the Day of Judgment.
  7. One who is desirous of attaining perfection in knowledge; should have no concern with immoral acts.

The Learned Prophet

Prophet Idris (pbuh) was born 100 years after the death of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). He was the first man who learnt to write.
It is said that thirty portions of The Almighty’s Sacred Scriptures were revealed to him. He was the inventor of the science of the Astronomy and the Arithmetic.

Death Event

Prophet Idris (pbuh) passed away at the age of 365 years. Mutwaslah was one of his distinguished sons who made his mark.

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