Principle for any food Halal

Question :

Is it haram to use balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar? What is criteria for anything Halal?

Answer :

As for the ingredient “balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar”, you are best advised to consult local Muslim scholars who are more aware of the nature of such ingredients, for we are not sure about its nature, though we surveyed the Internet for relevant information.

However, we’d like to give you some general Islamic guidelines regarding the Halal (lawful) food.

The general principle is that any food is Halal except for the following kinds:

1. The dead animal

2. Blood

3. Pork

4. Animals that have been dedicated to anyone other than Allah, that is those which are slaughtered with the invocation of a name other than that of Allah Almighty —for example, the name of an idol.

5. The animal (or bird) that dies because of being strangled

6. The animal (or bird) that dies because of being beat with something.

7. The animal (or bird) that dies because of falling down from a height

8. The animal that dies because of being gored by another animal.

9. The animal (or bird) that dies because of being killed by a wild beast

10. Animals that have been immolated to idols.

Accordingly, all the kinds of food that Halal except what contains any of the prohibited kinds of food that we have mentioned above. Still, any food that contains any intoxicating substance, whether little or much, is absolutely Haram (unlawful).

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